Pinellas Seminole Club

The Pinellas Seminole Club partners with Escot Bus Lines to send a bus to designated home football games. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any bus where we lack the riders to cover the expense. All sales are final unless a bus is canceled, in which case reimbursements will be issued.


In order to send a bus, full payment must be paid by the club 14 days prior to game day. The bus tops out at 44 passengers, and seating is limited! Online payments can be made via this page. If seating is available, personal checks and credit/debit cards are accepted prior to departure. Cash is not accepted!


The bus stops in Chiefland, where there is a Burger King, Taco Bell, and KFC. Inside the Walmart, there is a McDonald's and a deli. The bus leaves one hour after the game, unless everyone is back on the bus prior to that.


The temperature on the bus stays cool, so you may want to bring a blanket or jacket. Please be mindful of any children on board and act appropriately. Food and drinks are allowed, but glass is not permitted. Small coolers should fit under your seat, while larger ones can be stored under the bus.


During games, the driver locks the bus when they leave. There is plenty of storage under the bus for chairs and other supplies, so feel free to bring them.


Smoking is prohibited, and game tickets are not included with your purchase. The Tampa pick up location is by request, so please indicate as much in your reservation.

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